The Belgian Campaign For Musical Destruction Continues!

01 Intro (Acoustic Grinder)
02 Can't ignore this fucking war (Acoustic Grinder)
03 John Holmes (Hiatus cover)(Acoustic Grinder)
04 Instruments of death (Acoustic Grinder)
05 Braindistorting (Acoustic Grinder)
06 It's a fascist world (Acoustic Grinder)
07 What about my life (Acoustic Grinder)
08 Society decay (Acoustic Grinder)
09 This victory is not ours (Acoustic Grinder)
10 If you feel right you have to do it (suicide)(Acoustic Grinder)
11 Splattered brains (part 2)(Acoustic Grinder)
12 Pseudo-underground (Acoustic Grinder)
13 Catch the fishhook (Agathocles cover)(Acoustic Grinder)
14 Consuming endoderme pus (Agathocles cover)
15 Disastrous luxury results (Hiatus)
16 Victims of life (Hiatus)
17 Nuclear world (Hiatus)
18 Superman bastard (Hiatus)
19 Police crimes (Hiatus)
20 No answers to lead me (Hiatus)
21 The truth begins where man stops to think (Agathocles)
22 Mutilated regurgitator (Agathocles)
23 What a nerve (Agathocles)
24 Kill your fucking idols (Agathocles)
25 Teachers (Agathocles)
26 Commercials (Personal Jesus Detector)
27 Paralyse power (Personal Jesus Detector)
28 Battlefields of decay (Personal Jesus Detector)
29 Whose error (Personal Jesus Detector)
30 Fear (Discard cover)(Personal Jesus Detector)
31 Prejudice (Personal Jesus Detector)
32 Silence is consent (Personal Jesus Detector)
33 Take over (Personal Jesus Detector)
34 A symbol of... (Personal Jesus Detector)



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