Gods Of Grind

01 Stranger Aeons (Entombed)
02 Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Carcass)
03 Soul Sacrifice (Cathedral)
04 Condemned (Confessor)
05 Tools Of The Trade (Carcass)
06 Dusk (Entombed)
07 Golden Blood (Flooding)(Cathedral)
08 Pyosified (Still Rotten To The Gore)(Carcass)
09 Shreds Of Flesh (Entombed)
10 Autumn Twilight (Cathedral)
11 Last Judgement (Confessor)
12 Hepatic Tissue Fermentation II (Carcass)
13 Frozen Rapture (Cathedral)
14 Endtime (Confessor)

SWEDEN x U.K. x U.K. x USA


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