Grind The Faces Of Rockstars Vol. 1

01 Fetishism (Impregnate Trichomonas)
02 Japanese Title (Impregnate Trichomonas)
03 Defecation (Impregnate Trichomonas)
04 Dingleberries (Impregnate Trichomonas)
05 Rectum (Impregnate Trichomonas)
06 Blow One's Lunch (Impregnate Trichomonas)
07 Gutso (Impregnate Trichomonas)
08 Minch (Impregnate Trichomonas)
09 Japanese Title (Live)(Carcass Grinder)
10 N.F.C.B. (Live)(Carcass Grinder)
11 C.G. Lemon (Live)(Carcass Grinder)
12 Wa-I-Se-Tsu (Unholy Grave)
13 Death Penalty (Unholy Grave)
14 Human Mummification (Unholy Grave)
15 Atrocity-War Of Aggression (Unholy Grave)
16 Worthless Prize (Unholy Grave)
17 Gun Society (Unholy Grave)
18 Sacrificial Area (Unholy Grave)
19 Fetus Gutted (Saprogenic Entrails)
20 Pituitary Gland Oppression (Saprogenic Entrails)
21 Saprophyte Digest (Saprogenic Entrails)
22 Duodenum Draw (Saprogenic Entrails)
23 Carcinogen Diagnosis (Live)(Saprogenic Entrails)
24 Burst Out (Live)(Voltifobia)
25 M.A.D. (Live)(Voltifobia)
26 The Anguish Of Despair (Live)(Voltifobia)
27 Gain The Battle (Live)(Voltifobia)
28 Run Amuck (Live)(Voltifobia)
29 Scad (Live)(Voltifobia)
30 Be Buried Alive (Live)(Voltifobia)
31 Death Battle (Live)(Voltifobia)

All recordings are exclusive to this split-tape



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