01 Another need to be fed (Agathocles)
02 Screen freak (Agathocles)
03 Bring down their throne (Agathocles)
04 Forced pollutions (live)(Agathocles)
05 Hideous head chopping (live)(Agathocles)
06 Go fucking nihilist (Agathocles)
07 Hatred is the cure (Agathocles)
08 No use ... (hatred)(Agathocles)
09 An abstract (Agathocles)
10 Pigs in blue (Agathocles)
11 I just won't fit (Agathocles)
12 Until it bleeds (live)(Agathocles)
13 Until it bleeds (studio)(Agathocles)
14 Is it really mine? (Agathocles)
15 Trust? Not me! (Agathocles)
16 Tiete (Dischord)
17 Fucking starvation (Dischord)
18 Know my world (Dischord)
19 Power (Dischord)
20 Satan's raddish (Dischord)
21 Isso é olho seco (Olho Seco Cover)(Dischord)
22 Vidas sem sentido (Dischord)
23 Intro-Ecology? (Grossmember)
24 Society must be destroyed-Drug abuse-Global conflict-Freedom-Alco punx-In the name of chaos-Blind mass consumption-Ecocentric rasta killer-Anarchy?-Grind your mind (Grossmember)
25 Fucking pigs (Grossmember)
26 Power-Chemical garbage-Your justice (Grossmember)
27 Self,defense-Class war-Stop police violence-Untill all are free-Wrafare (Grossmember)
28 Beggining-Capitalism shit-Vivisector (Grossmember)
29 Intro (Orchestral Pit's Cannibals)
30 Anal invasion (Orchestral Pit's Cannibals)
31 Cadaverousgranulation (Orchestral Pit's Cannibals)
32 Curds conditioned face (Orchestral Pit's Cannibals)
33 C.F.L. (Orchestral Pit's Cannibals)
34 F.R.E.A.K. (Orchestral Pit's Cannibals)
35 A.B.C.D. (A baby's corpse dismemberment)(Orchestral Pit's Cannibals)
36 Zodiak (Macabre cover)(Orchestral Pit's Cannibals)
37 Maria Lopes anal defloration (Orchestral Pit's Cannibals)
38 Forced defecation (Orchestral Pit's Cannibals)
39 The dead part's inauguratior (Orchestral Pit's Cannibals)



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