01 Baka-Sen (Live)(Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ)
02 Shake It Up Bokan (Live)(Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ)
03 893k (Live)(Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ)
04 Living Dead A Go Go (Live)(Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ)
05 Diversion (Live)(Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ)
06 Mind Rape-Ureinashi-Madoinashi (Live)(Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ)
07 Remain On The Minge (Ghetto Blaster)
08 Party With Your Pants Down (Ghetto Blaster)
09 Half A Dyke (Ghetto Blaster)
10 Tapeworm Fedding Frenzy (Ghetto Blaster)
11 Bugger Me Rotten With A Prawn Head (Ghetto Blaster)
12 RBT (Random Breast Tester)(Ghetto Blaster)
13 Sexy Midgets And Horny Dwarves (Ghetto Blaster)
14 Motorgimp (Ghetto Blaster)
15 Better Dead Than Red (Ghetto Blaster)
16 Pork Or Walk (Ghetto Blaster)
17 Fucked By A Homeless Cunt (Ghetto Blaster)
18 Stumpfucker (Ghetto Blaster)
19 Tatooing Into The Heart (S.M.E.S.)
20 S.M.E.S. Also Hates Jazz (S.M.E.S.)
21 Fureaters (S.M.E.S.)
22 Bloodbrothers (S.M.E.S.)
23 Don't Be Silly... (S.M.E.S.)
24 Abdominizer (S.M.E.S.)      
25 Nasalfuck (S.M.E.S.)
26 Birdturd (S.M.E.S.)
27 Now It's Time (S.M.E.S.)
28 Harry Palms (S.M.E.S.)



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