Live In Japan

01 Disaster (Cacofonia)
02 Dehydrated By Chorrillo (Cacofonia)
03 Dark Side Of The Force (Cacofonia)
04 Huracarana (Cacofonia)
05 Quebradora En Lo Alto-Pandemonium (Cacofonia)
06 Smash The State, Destroy The Capital, Burn The Church (Cacofonia)
07 Old School (Cacofonia)
08 Arnold Schwarzenegger Is A Racist Pig (Cacofonia)
09 Acid Rain (Cacofonia)
10 World Under My Fingernail (Fear Of God)(Cacofonia)
11 Cacofonia (Cacofonia)
12 No Fear To Sin-500 Years Of Infamy (Anarchus)
13 Money For God (Anarchus)
14 Beyond Good And Evil (Anarchus)
15 Supreme Creation (Anarchus)
16 Gone With The Flames-Intolerance And Fanatism (Anarchus)
17 Never Ending War (Anarchus)
18 Entity In The Room (Anarchus)
19 The Truth-Factory Of Lies (Anarchus)
20 Stay Out Of The Line (Anarchus)
21 No Estamos Conformes (Massacre 68 cover)(Anarchus)



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