Veneration Of Biological Killing Machine-Is This Earth's Last Century

01 The (Alienation Mental)
02 Under Pressure (Alienation Mental)
03 Industrial Poem of Next Millenium (Alienation Mental)
04 Metal of Alien Nations (Alienation Mental)
05 Abnormal Idea Get of Myself (Alienation Mental)
06 Autogrind (Alienation Mental)
07 Big God-Raped Souls (Fear Factory cover)(Alienation Mental)
08 Corporeal Jigsore Quandary (Carcass cover)(Alienation Mental)
09 Cartoon Violence (Malignant Tumour)
10 Shit Heil! (Malignant Tumour)
11 Animal As a Present (Malignant Tumour)
12 Grind Core God (Malignant Tumour)
13 Bad Core (Malignant Tumour)
14 Friendly Indolence (Malignant Tumour)
15 Industrial Intelect (Malignant Tumour)
16 Paradox (Malignant Tumour)
17 Instant Girls (Malignant Tumour)
18 Razor Sharp Daggers (Agathocles cover)(Malignant Tumour)
19 Net - Shit (Malignant Tumour)
20 Boss Felatio (Malignant Tumour)
21 Fuck the Nato! (Malignant Tumour)
22 Nature Warning-Human Extinction (Malignant Tumour)
23 We're Missing a Liberty (Malignant Tumour)
24 Animal Abuse (Malignant Tumour)
25 Why Animal Rights? (Malignant Tumour)
26 Blast of Euphory (Malignant Tumour)



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