01 Hard Candy Cock (Brody's Militia)
02 Conflict Religion (Brody's Militia)
03 War Aesthetic (Brody's Militia)
04 Ghoul (Brody's Militia)
05 Brain Dead (Brody's Militia)
06 Let Them Eat Slogans (Brody's Militia)
07 Into Extinction (Brody's Militia)
08 Deserved Results (Brody's Militia)
09 Critical Human Condition (Brody's Militia)
10 Worldwide Genocide (Brody's Militia)
11 Commit Suicide (Brody's Militia)
12 Scene Drop Out (Widespread Bloodshed)
13 Revenge (Widespread Bloodshed)
14 Emoslaughter (Widespread Bloodshed)
15 Give Me A Good Reason (Widespread Bloodshed)
16 Campaigning For The Destruction Of Emo (Widespread Bloodshed)
17 Leave Me Alone (Widespread Bloodshed)
18 We're The Enemy (Widespread Bloodshed)
19 Just A Fucking Hype (Widespread Bloodshed)
20 Eat Shit For Jesus (Widespread Bloodshed)
21 Shockwaves (Widespread Bloodshed)
22 Friday 13th (Widespread Bloodshed)
23 Call It What You Want (Widespread Bloodshed)
24 Out Of Control (Widespread Bloodshed)
25 Psychoward 214 (Widespread Bloodshed)
26 Sasquatch (Widespread Bloodshed)
27 The End (Widespread Bloodshed)
28 Addicted To Boredom (Widespread Bloodshed)
29 Rejected (By The Scene)(Widespread Bloodshed)
30 Computer Jugend (Widespread Bloodshed)
31 No Scense (Widespread Bloodshed)
32 Darkness Descends (Widespread Bloodshed)
33 Chemtrails (Widespread Bloodshed)
34 Weapons Of Mass-Destruction (Widespread Bloodshed)
35 No Mercy (Widespread Bloodshed)
36 Voices Of The Dead (Widespread Bloodshed)



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