01 5 Minute Speech (xBrainiax)
02 No More Blood (xBrainiax)
03 Shadenfreude (xBrainiax)
04 Fuck Your Punk Rock (xBrainiax)
05 Fucked Up Forever (xBrainiax)
06 Skull Thief (xBrainiax)
07 Hg (xBrainiax)
08 Cull the Herd (xBrainiax)
09 Mindhack (xBrainiax)
10 This is Supposed to Hurt (xBrainiax)
11 Bomb Threat (Dead Radical)
12 Munley, Imkisse, Kelley and Cartwright (Dead Radical)
13 End (Dead Radical)
14 Embryonic Development (Dead Radical)
15 Mike's Big Mistake (Dead Radical)
16 Telekinetics (Dead Radical)
17 Population Control (Dead Radical)
18 Autopsy Photos (Dead Radical)
19 Outsmarting the Radionics Security System (Dead Radical)
20 Fingerprints (Dead Radical)
21 Party, Bauer's House, Be There (Dead Radical)
22 Race Relations (Dead Radical)
23 Day Six of the Incubation Period (Dead Radical)
24 Jerk Off to Your Car (Dead Radical)
25 Meet the Press (Dead Radical)
26 Gerard Dean Gets a Facelift (Dead Radical)
27 Refugee Cattle Drive (Dead Radical)
28 The South Scranton Witch Trials (Dead Radical)
29 Prankster Vs. Pillhead (Dead Radical)



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