01 Washed away (Dropdead)
02 Living in fear (Dropdead)
03 Confused (buried deep)(Dropdead)
04 Attention (Dropdead)
05 Deliver yourself (Dropdead)
06 Control (Dropdead)
07 Life in chains (Dropdead)
08 End the slaughter (Dropdead)
09 I will defy (Dropdead)
10 The truth behind (Dropdead)
11 Fucking assholes (Dropdead)
12 Legacy of death (Dropdead)
13 No glory (Dropdead)
14 Still you follow blindly (Dropdead)
15 Od on thc (Rupture)
16 Little johnny dead (Rupture)
17 The human race can fuck me up the arse (Rupture)
18 Justification of your life (Rupture)
19 Are ar gud (Rupture)
20 Permanentia intoxica (Rupture)
21 Acid orbit (Rupture)
22 Rescue the future get fucked (Rupture)
23 Im having a fucking flashback (Rupture)
24 Fucking old cunts need a kick in the head (Rupture)



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