Eat The Flesh... And Vomica-Dreams Come True... In Death

01 Maggots in your flesh (Malignant Tumour)
02 Epityphlitis (Malignant Tumour)
03 Acute haemorrhagical necrosis of pancreas (Malignant Tumour)
04 Subacute endocarditis (Malignant Tumour)
05 Decubitus (Malignant Tumour)
06 Mors Praenatalis (Malignant Tumour)
07 Pephigus vulgaris (Malignant Tumour)
08 Diseases of oral cavities (Malignant Tumour)
09 No use...hatred (Malignant Tumour)
10 Pertussis (Malignant Tumour)
11 Diphteria (Malignant Tumour)
12 Idiopathic colitis ulcerosa (Malignant Tumour)
13 Mucormycosisof gastrointestinal tract (Malignant Tumour)
14 Parasitical cysts (Malignant Tumour)
15 Dysenteria bacillaris (Malignant Tumour)
16 Embryopathia (Malignant Tumour)
17 Purulent attack, pathologist uck (Malignant Tumour)
18 Reason to hate (Malignant Tumour)
19 Necrotic Urocystitis With Ammoniacal Fermentation (Malignant Tumour)
20 Putrefactive decomposition... in the coffin (Malignant Tumour)
21 Impetigo contagiosa (Malignant Tumour)
22 Intravascular diseminated coagulate (Malignant Tumour)
23 Ingrowing of the alien things in the body (Malignant Tumour)
24 Pulmonary collapse (Malignant Tumour)
25 Go fucking nihilist (AGATHOCLES cover)(Malignant Tumour)
26 Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrom (Malignant Tumour)
27 Intro (Squash Bowels)
28 Lustmord (Squash Bowels)
29 Tested creatures (Squash Bowels)
30 Regulation people's fear (Squash Bowels)
31 Human acceleration (Squash Bowels)
32 Holy lies (Squash Bowels)
33 A suspect (Squash Bowels)
34 Infanticide (Squash Bowels)
35 Pseudo-Faces (Squash Bowels)
36 Victims... (Squash Bowels)
37 Right to live (Squash Bowels)
38 Life like a dream (Squash Bowels)
39 More our colours (Squash Bowels)
40 Deadly sick (Squash Bowels)
41 The mass sickening (Squash Bowels)
42 Old things (Squash Bowels)
43 Dash of life (Squash Bowels)



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