01 Criminalisation of strangle behaviour (Agathocles)
02 Birds (poem) & agarchy (Agathocles)
03 Thy kingdom won't come (Agathocles)
04 A for arrogance (Agathocles)
05 Sheep (poem) & systemphobic (Agathocles)
06 Mutilated regurgitator (Agathocles)
07 Sentimental hypocrisy (Agathocles)
08 Kiil your idols (Agathocles)
09 Christians means tyrany (Agathocles)
10 Trust not me (Agathocles)
11 Life control (Agathocles)
12 Age of the mutants (Agathocles)
13 Labelisation (Agathocles)
14 Didn't ask (Agathocles)
15 A start at least (Agathocles)
16 Squeeze anton (Agathocles)
17 Unsufferable being (Agathocles)
18 Theatric symbolisation of life (Agathocles)
19 Intro. fragments of a time to come (Agathocles)
20 Bastard breed. we dont need (Agathocles)
21 Jacks life (Agathocles)
22 We pay (Agathocles)
23 Politicians new years wishes (Agathocles)
24 Twintro (Bullshit Propaganda)
25 Domination of greed (Bullshit Propaganda)
26 Kops killed koksal (Bullshit Propaganda)
27 Exsist (resist cover)(Bullshit Propaganda)
28 Nothing more (Bullshit Propaganda)
29 Stop (Bullshit Propaganda)
30 In the name of j.c. (Bullshit Propaganda)
31 Media bullshit (Bullshit Propaganda)
32 Freedom is a lie (Bullshit Propaganda)
33 Braindead (Bullshit Propaganda)
34 Child i.d. (Bullshit Propaganda)
35 Kapitalism is the name (Bullshit Propaganda)
36 Fuck buma sterma (Bullshit Propaganda)
37 Bullshit propaganda (Bullshit Propaganda)
38 Kept dumb (Bullshit Propaganda)
39 Shallow hollow life (Bullshit Propaganda)
40 Pernament loser (Bullshit Propaganda)
41 Collision of conscience (Bullshit Propaganda)
42 World of hate (Bullshit Propaganda)
43 Intrology o.i.i.t.f.b. (Bullshit Propaganda)
44 The sound of leazy punks (Bullshit Propaganda)



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