Stop The Abuse!-How Much Blood Do You Need Yet

01 Our freedom it is a lie (C.H.C.)
02 Wake up!! (C.H.C.)
03 Alienation (C.H.C.)
04 Visions of horror (C.H.C.)
05 Lembrancas da guerra (C.H.C.)
06 What do they say (C.H.C.)
07 Russian Roulette (ROT Cover)(C.H.C.)
08 Set me free (C.H.C.)
09 On third world (C.H.C.)
10 War crimes (Doom Cover)(C.H.C.)
11 Bloodsucker (C.H.C.)
12 Woman's crying (C.H.C.)
13 Police murder (C.H.C.)
14 Rapped Mother Earth (C.H.C.)
15 Criminalisation (Agathocles)
16 Birds (poem) - Agarchy (Agathocles)
17 Thy kingdom won't come (Agathocles)
18 A for arrogance (Agathocles)
19 Lay off me (Agathocles)
20 Sheep (poem)systemphobic (Agathocles)
21 Mutilated regurgitator (Agathocles)
22 Sentimental hypocrisy (Agathocles)
23 Kill your idols (Agathocles)
24 Christianity means tyranny (Agathocles)
25 Trust not me (Agathocles)
26 Life control (Agathocles)
27 Age of the mutants (Agathocles)
28 Labelisation (Agathocles)
29 Didn't ask (Agathocles)
30 A start at least (Agathocles)
31 Insufferable being (Agathocles)
32 Theatralic symbolisation of life (Agathocles)



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