Repent Your Sins...

01 Intro-a different approach to life (Kent Brockman)
02 Chipscrackers (just a joke)(Kent Brockman)
03 Pro-love song (Kent Brockman)
04 Give me a reason (Kent Brockman)
05 Pseudo-subs (Kent Brockman)
06 Asshole (Kent Brockman)
07 Live fast, die slow (Kent Brockman)
08 Uncrowned ruler of b40 (Kent Brockman)
09 Do not consider yourself emo (Kent Brockman)
10 Bountyhunter (Kent Brockman)
11 We are nothing (Kent Brockman)
12 Lack of responsability (Kent Brockman)
13 Abolih ...cruelty isn't the best police (Edöra)
14 Where were you ...we're still here and not willing to give up this movemer (Edöra)
15 Sucker ...givig your beliefs with a tassof a coin (Edöra)
16 Today's your day ...but it's not the end, we'll kick your nazi punk ass (Edöra)
17 Hatred you created ...what goes around comes arounds (Edöra)
18 Just like me ...out he bullshit attitude, give it up tough guy (Edöra)
20 Kekejaman ...alias dasar tamak haloba dan kepentingan diri sendiri (Edöra)
21 Heroin ...makes life less precious (Edöra)
22 Die bastard die ...hypocrite shithead, your true colours shining in my face (Edöra)
23 Quit ...leave me alone and stop fucking with my feelings (Edöra)
24 Out of many people (Edöra)



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