Denying The Wisdom Of Authority-Uncertain Future

01 Painful existence (Rot)
02 Living to deceive (Rot)
03 Slave of majority (Rot)
04 Destroy everything (Rot)
05 Rejecting the media (Rot)
06 Our freedom (a lie)(Rot)
07 The actor (Rot)
08 Worldabruption (intestinal disease cover)(Rot)
09 Subversive not alternative (Rot)
10 Fatality (Rot)
11 Technologic error (Rot)
12 Restricted (Rot)
13 Still not for me (Rot)
14 Violent acts (Rot)
15 Where's my happiness (Rot)
16 Smiling faces (Rot)
17 The hunger (Rot)
18 Almighty god (Rot)
19 Putting down the structure (Rot)
20 Repetitive cliché (Intestinal Disease)
21 Painted cloud (Intestinal Disease)
22 No, i'm not (Intestinal Disease)
23 Chaotic dream (Intestinal Disease)
24 De idealist (Intestinal Disease)
25 Reject (Intestinal Disease)
26 This community is not for me (Intestinal Disease)
27 Burning (Intestinal Disease)
28 People leave (Intestinal Disease)
29 Reality based on lies (rot cover)(Intestinal Disease)
30 Conform or live (Intestinal Disease)
31 Happy depression (Intestinal Disease)
32 Teachers in the school (Intestinal Disease)
33 Compact dazzle shit (Intestinal Disease)
34 It's time for a change (Intestinal Disease)
35 Outro (Intestinal Disease)



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