01 Your Pastor Is Fucking Your Wife (Hypo-Christians)
02 Blessed Be Who Gives The Most! (Hypo-Christians)
03 I Can't Afford To Go To Church (Hypo-Christians)
04 Tax Deductible Donation (Hypo-Christians)
05 Clergy Orgy (Hypo-Christians)
06 Pedophile Priests (Hypo-Christians)
07 Vaya Con Dios (Hypo-Christians)
08 March 31th, 1998 (Hypo-Christians)
09 Intro - From Within (Malignant Tumour)
10 Bad Core (Malignant Tumour)
11 Friendly Indolence (Malignant Tumour)
12 Razor Sharp Daggers (AGATHOCLES Cover)(Malignant Tumour)
13 We're Missing A Liberty (Malignant Tumour)
14 Blast Of Euphory (Malignant Tumour)
15 Social Certainty (ABORTION Cover)(Malignant Tumour)
16 Killing For Profit (Malignant Tumour)
17 Ausvicate Hi Kher Báro (Malignant Tumour)
18 Films Kills (Malignant Tumour)
19 Fuck Off Nazi Bastards (Malignant Tumour)
20 Lay Off Me (Live-AGATHOCLES Cover)(Malignant Tumour)
21 Nature Warning-Human Extinction (Live)(Malignant Tumour)



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