01 Intro-a start at least (Agathocles)
02 Clean the scene (Agathocles)
03 A for arrogance (Agathocles)
04 Thy kingdom won't come (Agathocles)
05 Media creations (Agathocles)
06 All gone (Agathocles)
07 Swallow or choke (Agathocles)
08 Razor sharp daggers (Agathocles)
09 Enough (Agathocles)
10 Throwing away crap (Agathocles)
11 Cracking up solidarity (Agathocles)
12 Didn't ask (Agathocles)
13 Twisting history (Agathocles)
14 Deserves to die (Agathocles)
15 Age of the mutants (Agathocles)
16 Zero ego (Agathocles)
17 Gear-wheels (Agathocles)
18 Dear friends (Agathocles)
19 Hormon mob (Agathocles)
20 Hash-head, farmers' death (Agathocles)
21 Dare to be aware (Agathocles)
22 Kiss my ass (Agathocles)
23 Holocaust and violence (Extreme Decay)
24 Kill or to be killed (Extreme Decay)
25 Sickness mind (Extreme Decay)
26 Obey (as your wish)(Extreme Decay)
27 War for revenge (Extreme Decay)
28 Picture of cruel (Extreme Decay)
29 War (antipathy)(Extreme Decay)
30 Lifeless harmony (Extreme Decay)
31 Stop the war!! (Extreme Decay)
32 A will canceled (Extreme Decay)
33 Corrupt of humanity (Extreme Decay)
34 Wreck sociality (Extreme Decay)
35 Contaminated brain (Extreme Decay)
36 Smoke in grind (Extreme Decay)
37 Betray faith (Extreme Decay)
38 Deformed inside (Extreme Decay)
39 Bastard (Extreme Decay)
40 For it to exist (Extreme Decay)
41 World dimension (Extreme Decay)
42 Green me (Extreme Decay)
43 Outro (Extreme Decay)




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