Malignant Cancerous Tumor In The Ephithelian Tissue Of The Intestine-From Rotten Process... To Splatter

01 Manifestation of Purulent Cystical Bacillosis In the Internal Ligaments of the Bile Vesicle (Lymphatic Phlegm)
02 Grotesque Congenital Deformity In The Termind Extremity Of The Excretory System Causing Anatomical Irreversibilly Of The Macered Tissue (Lymphatic Phlegm)
03 Premature Dettachment Of The Normally Inserted Placenta (Lymphatic Phlegm)
04 Necrosis Of A Rather Extensive Part Of The Jejunum-ileum (Lymphatic Phlegm)
05 Inflamatory Fermentation Of The Gastric Tissue (Lymphatic Phlegm)
06 Spontaneous And Spasmodic Contraction Of The Muscle Membranous Ligaments Of The Esophagus (Lymphatic Phlegm)
07 Crematorium (Flesh Grinder)
08 Genital Putrefaction (Flesh Grinder)
09 Sexual Mutilation (Flesh Grinder)
10 Necrophagia (Flesh Grinder)
11 Ophthalmological Laceration In An Insane Moribund (Flesh Grinder)
12 Hemorrhagical Convultions Of The Gastric Ligaments (Flesh Grinder)
13 Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis (Flesh Grinder)
14 Technics To Extract The Female Reproductive System Thru Anal Canal (Flesh Grinder)



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