01 Harsh realities (Fleas And Lice)
02 Breaking the law (Fleas And Lice)
03 I need a drink (Fleas And Lice)
04 Big brother (Fleas And Lice)
05 Forced to eat shit (Fleas And Lice)
06 Rest in punk (Fleas And Lice)
07 And again (Fleas And Lice)
08 Delirium tremens (Fleas And Lice)
09 Paranoid world (Fleas And Lice)
10 Shit for brains (Fleas And Lice)
11 Lie to myself (Fleas And Lice)
12 The pain (Fleas And Lice)
13 State rape (The Restarts)
14 Divide and rule (The Restarts)
15 Fare evasion (The Restarts)
16 The ladder (The Restarts)
17 Drunken voices (The Restarts)
18 Tinpot hitler (The Restarts)
19 Parasite monarchy (The Restarts)
20 Times hard (The Restarts)



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