01 Didn't ask (Agathocles)
02 Careless wish (Agathocles)
03 Introtyl (Agathocles)
04 Hunt foxhunters (Agathocles)
05 Directed by the US (Agathocles)
06 Proud to be out (Agathocles)
07 Labelisation (Agathocles)
08 Without a clue (Agathocles)
09 You bet (Agathocles)
10 Slaves to the beat (Agathocles)
11 Chop off their genitals (Agathocles)
12 Christianty means tyranny (Agathocles)
13 A for arrogance (Agathocles)
14 Lay off me (Agathocles)
15 Raw war (Agathocles)
16 Superiority overdose (Agathocles)
17 No use (Hatred Cover)(Agathocles)
18 Bait of the state (Agathocles)
19 Birds (poem) Agarchy (Agathocles)
20 The fog (Agathocles Cover)(Sauerkraut)
21 Guy lombardo (Anal Cunt Cover)(Sauerkraut)
22 The Kill (Napalm Death Cover)(Sauerkraut)
23 Pastete (Patareni Cover)(Sauerkraut)
24 Ich gehe zur schule (Patareni Cover)(Sauerkraut)
25 The accident (Agathocles Cover)(Sauerkraut)
26 You suffer (Napalm Death Cover)(Sauerkraut)
27 Purzena nadenitza (Discord Cover)(Sauerkraut)
28 Humilation (Anal Macabre Cover)(Sauerkraut)
29 Humilation 7-1 (Anal Macabre Cover)(Sauerkraut)
30 Untalented boys (Anal Macabre Cover)(Sauerkraut)
31 Our treat (Sauerkraut)
32 Sheer reality (Sauerkraut)
33 Sheer brutality (Sauerkraut)
34 Vox humana (Sauerkraut)
35 Das man (Sauerkraut)
36 Protest (Sauerkraut)
37 SSE pt.1 (Sore Throat Cover)(Sauerkraut)
38 SSE pt.2 (Sore Throat Cover)(Sauerkraut)
39 SSe pt.3 (Sore Throat Cover)(Sauerkraut)
40 Cover of Sore Throat from their "Disrace to ..." LP'88 (Sauerkraut)
41 Mutilated regurgitator (Agathocles Cover) PT 1 (Sauerkraut)
42 Mutilated regurgitator (Agathocles Cover) PT 2(Sauerkraut)
43 Dead (Napalm Death Cover)(Sauerkraut)
44 Die in pain (Carcass Cover)(Sauerkraut)
45 Lay off me (Agathocles Cover)(Sauerkraut)
46 Aide na noise (Sauerkraut)
47 Nazdrave (Sauerkraut)
48 Vodka (Sauerkraut)
49 Mnoo piyani sme (Sauerkraut)
50 Humilation 7-1 (Anal Macabre Cover)(Sauerkraut)
51 Smradovi u prolazu (Patareni Cover)(Sauerkraut)
52 Grind with Pavel (Sauerkraut)
53 Catch as - catch can (Rot Cover)(Sauerkraut)
54 Bqh Izmislil (Sauerkraut)
55 Ich gehe zur schule (Patareni Cover)(Sauerkraut)
56 My se ucime cestinu (Sauerkraut)
57 No mas musica (Sauerkraut)
58 Absolution (Fear Of God Cover)(Sauerkraut)
59 Anal Oral cover (Sauerkraut)
60 Permanent Death covers (Sauerkraut)
61 Pneumatic Slaughter (Fear Of God Cover) x2 (Sauerkraut)
62 Bitch (Agathocles'85)(Sauerkraut)
63 Blood out my mouth (Agathocles'85 Cover)(Sauerkraut)
64 Pavel forgot his jacket (Sauerkraut)
65 Beaurocracy versus Efficiency (Agathocles Cover)(Sauerkraut)
66 Purified by death (Agathocles Cover)(Sauerkraut)
67 Introtyl (Agathocles Cover)(Sauerkraut)
68 Reality (Entrails Massacre Cover)(Sauerkraut)
69 Slavi trifonov is born by his aunt (Sauerkraut)
70 Kos na odpadky (Sauerkraut)
71 Penezenka (Sauerkraut)
72 Rok ma dvanact mesicu (Sauerkraut)
73 Doko doko (Sauerkraut)
74 Kamanite (Sauerkraut)
75 Horrendously horrendous (Sauerkraut)
76 Protest pt.2 (Sauerkraut)
77 Noise against negativity (Sauerkraut)
78 Against the stream (Sauerkraut)
79 Humanidad (Sauerkraut)
80 Authority (Cripple Bastards Cover)(Sauerkraut)
81 0-01 (Cripple Bastards Cover)(Sauerkraut)
82 Asti punks (Cripple Bastards Cover)(Sauerkraut)
83 Blue penguins (Cripple Bastards Cover)(Sauerkraut)
84 Stimmung (Cripple Bastards Cover)(Sauerkraut)
85 Fascist pigs get lost (De Madeliefjes Cover)(Sauerkraut)
86 Crushing R&B faggots in helmond (De Madeliefjes Cover)(Sauerkraut)
87 Conform (Siege Cover)(Sauerkraut)
88 Spas is gay (Sauerkraut)
89 Spas sucks (Sauerkraut)
90 Spas is about to set his dick on fire, coz' of too much masturbation (Sauerkraut)
91 Staffa has a nice hat (Sauerkraut)
92 It is a modern one (Sauerkraut)
93 There's a "staffa" logo on it (Sauerkraut)
94 Secretary's dream (Sauerkraut)
95 7MON covers (Sauerkraut)
96 The kill (Napalm Death Cover)(Sauerkraut)
97 The kill (Napalm Death Cover)(Sauerkraut)
98 The ballad (Sauerkraut Cover)
99 The end (Sauerkraut)



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