01 Drunk with power(Discharge cover)(FxPxOx)
02 Kill me (FxPxOx)
03 Are we gonna change the world (FxPxOx)
04 Billboard revolution (FxPxOx)
05 All the people are the same (FxPxOx)
06 Black and white (FxPxOx)
07 Its time to make a choice (FxPxOx)
08 Unity(Los Crudos)(FxPxOx)
09 This is the end (FxPxOx)
10 Because of the love (FxPxOx)
11 I'm sorry for you man (FxPxOx)
12 Each day is the same (FxPxOx)
13 You told me yesterday (FxPxOx)
14 Hatred is a product of your fear (FxPxOx)
15 Out of time (FxPxOx)
16 Hey ok the order is (I Object!)
17 My idd has a idd (I Object!)
18 The way you play guitar is revolutionary (I Object!)
19 I saw through (I Object!)
20 8'' of crap 7'' of passion (I Object!)
21 Give me 30'' and 3 chords to explain myself (I Object!)
22 The important things (I Object!)
23 Keep on screaming (I Object!)
24 Friendship is the i word (I Object!)



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