01 Intro (Agathocles)
02 Contradiction (Agathocles)
03 Not a bit (Agathocles)
04 Christianity Means Tyranny (Agathocles)
05 Liberal cancer (Agathocles)
06 Carved face fashion (Agathocles)
07 A for arrogance (Agathocles)
08 Tension (Agathocles)
09 Band bang (Agathocles)
10 Porcelain A (Agathocles)
11 Mutilated regurgitator (Agathocles)
12 Axe the tax (Agathocles)
13 Well of happiness (Agathocles)
14 Only friction (Agathocles)
15 Brainfucked (Torture Incident)
16 Suffer the Human (Torture Incident)
17 Slaughtered Cadaver (Torture Incident)
18 It's About Time (Attack and Charge)(Torture Incident)
19 Haram Jadah (Torture Incident)
20 Speak, Spit, Shit (Torture Incident)
21 Shave your Lies Up your Ass (Torture Incident)
22 Dearest Fuck Face (Torture Incident)
23 Where is your Proof (Torture Incident)
24 Big Bellied Bribers (Torture Incident)
25 Time Disease (Torture Incident)
26 Small Head Big Mouth (Torture Incident)



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