01 Tribal blood (Mind Collage)
02 Radioactive pollution (Mind Collage)
03 View of corpse (Mind Collage)
04 Public opinion (Mind Collage)
05 Divided control (Mind Collage)
06 Abuse of power (Mind Collage)
07 Primitive method (In Sane'n The Brain)
08 Japanese title (In Sane'n The Brain)
09 Rokuro (In Sane'n The Brain)
10 Sympathize (In Sane'n The Brain)
11 Fend (In Sane'n The Brain)
12 After the bloodbath (Unholy Grave)
13 Who created the earth (Unholy Grave)
14 Grim toll (Unholy Grave)
15 Hateful neglect (Su19b)
16 Deformity (Su19b)
17 Disappoint (Su19b)
18 Clown (Su19b)
19 Here come's the noise (More Noise For Life)
20 No truth (More Noise For Life)
21 Fact is the answer (More Noise For Life)
22 Money power (More Noise For Life)
23 Who decide (More Noise For Life)



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