01 I Love Tofu (Mass Separation)
02 I.S.A. (Mass Separation)
03 Homophobe In You (Mass Separation)
04 Traditional Error (Mass Separation)
05 Armed With Anger (Mass Separation)
06 Censorship Fellowship (Mass Separation)
07 The Fight (Mass Separation)
08 Taste Of Carcass (Mass Separation)
09 Clean The Streets (Mass Separation)
10 Pain In The Arse (Mass Separation)
11 Vision Of Democracy (Mass Separation)  
12 System Hellstorm (Atrocious Madness)
13 Nuclear Violence (Atrocious Madness)
14 Black Rain (Atrocious Madness)
15 Bleeding Brain (Atrocious Madness)
16 Diabolical Conquest (Atrocious Madness)
17 Daily Life (Atrocious Madness)
18 Spectres Of Holocaust (Atrocious Madness)
19 Sadistic Dreams (Atrocious Madness)
20 Burning In Hell (Atrocious Madness)
21 Give Warning To The World (Atrocious Madness)
22 Face The Future (Atrocious Madness)
23 Systematic Education (Atrocious Madness)
24 It Means Nothing (Atrocious Madness)
25 Minds For Control (Atrocious Madness)
26 And Still... (Atrocious Madness)
27 Inquistion (Atrocious Madness)
28 Evacuate (Atrocious Madness)
29 Warning Warning (Atrocious Madness)



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