01 Hate birth (Fleischwald)
02 Stupid people (Fleischwald)
03 Last strike is raging with violence (Fleischwald)
04 Symbols of death in my mind (Fleischwald)
05 Praying your lies (Fleischwald)
06 Prime boneless beaf (Fleischwald)
07 Down (Fleischwald)
08 Suffer and die (Fleischwald)
09 Lying for the perfect society (Fleischwald)
10 Examined (Fleischwald)
11 Bloodsucking warpigs (Fleischwald)
12 Speak the language of the dead (Fleischwald)
13 Industrial death (Fleischwald)
14 Nothing change the past (Fleischwald)
15 Industry slaven (Fleischwald)
16 Success (Fleischwald)
17 Warfuck (Fleischwald)
18 Annhilation of the creation (Fleischwald)
19 Under siege (Fleischwald)
20 Escape (Fleischwald)
21 Multiple choices (Fleischwald)
22 No return (Fleischwald)
23 Obliteration (Fleischwald)
24 Blinded (Fleischwald)
25 Il sole della morte (Insomnia Isterica)
26 Slut (Insomnia Isterica)
27 Pile di umani cadaveri (Insomnia Isterica)
28 Sbrago (Insomnia Isterica)
29 Deformation (Insomnia Isterica)
30 Ce lihai il vibro (Insomnia Isterica)
31 Soci da merda (Asfissia cover)(Insomnia Isterica)
32 Un posto perfetto (Behind The Mirror)
33 Will break (Behind The Mirror)
34 Non dimenticare (Behind The Mirror)
35 Massagno hardcore (Behind The Mirror)



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