01 Ridiculed again (Selfmadegod)
02 Asthmatic skinheads can't smoke dope (Selfmadegod)
03 Bomb S.A. city (Selfmadegod)
04 Gang-raped minds (Selfmadegod)
05 Get hip (Selfmadegod)
06 Depressive shit (Selfmadegod)
07 Cntrl alt del my 3 (Cunt Saw)
08 Christian girls (version 2)(Cunt Saw)
09 Handjobs and heartaches pt 1 (Cunt Saw)
10 Honestly what grown man is blonde (Cunt Saw)
11 Deny evrything (CIRCLE JERK)(Cunt Saw)
12 Noise interlude (Cunt Saw)
13 Handjobs and heartaches pt 2 (Cunt Saw)
14 Skat rats (dance mix)(Cunt Saw)
15 Handjobs and heartaches pt 3 (Cunt Saw)
16 Basements for life (Cunt Saw)
17 Huffing propane (tsth2 vesion)(Cunt Saw)
18 It's done (Cunt Saw)



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