In Honor Of A-C...Because Air Conditioning Is Way Cool-High School Skinheads

01 Intro-Words Of Advice (Minch)
02 In Honor Of A/C... (Minch)
03 Ruff, Ruff, Ruff (Minch)
04 Miniature Asskickin (Minch)
05 French-Indian Wars (Minch)
06 Asshole Neighbors Come Knockin & Want Their Air Conditioner Back (Minch)
07 Burp (Minch)
08 Dick In A Zipper (Minch)
09 Sex Education (Minch)
10 Minch Minion Huddle (Minch)
11 Pent-Up Agression (Minch)
12 Cum On Feel The Noise (Minch)
13 I Don't Want To Fuck That Bitch (Minch)
14 WOOOAA (Minch)
15 Static Cling (Minch)
16 Bob's Pre-Game Pep Talk On No Non-Sense Panty Hose (Minch)
17 An Angry Little Bitch (Minch)
18 Curiosity Kills (Minch)
19 Series Of Threats... Don't Fuck With The Family (Minch)
20 A Cheer For Queers (Minch)
21 3 Drunk Bastards Singing Out Of Key (Minch)
22 Outro-Last Warning (Minch)   
23 Intro-Pimple Potato Boy (Mamarracho)
24 Soil, Sun... And Sweat (Mamarracho)
25 Bate Bate (Mamarracho)
26 Poqueale (Mamarracho)



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