01 Smoke Weed (Sylvester Staline)
02 Reggae Music (Sylvester Staline)
03 I Don't Play To Fuck (Sylvester Staline)
04 Global Warming (Sylvester Staline)
05 La Bagarre (Sylvester Staline)
06 Through The Eyes Of Weed (Sylvester Staline)
07 Smoking Kills (Sylvester Staline)
08 I Don't Want (Sylvester Staline)
09 Problems In Life (Sylvester Staline)
10 Punk Bitch (Sylvester Staline)
11 Fuck You (Sylvester Staline)
12 Legalize It (Sylvester Staline)
13 Life (Sylvester Staline)
14 Get Revolutionnnary (Sylvester Staline)
15 Pissed Off (Sylvester Staline)
16 Stoner Punk Grind (Sylvester Staline)
17 F.U.B.A.R. (Sylvester Staline)
18 Color Moment Of Terror (FUBAR)
19 Assimilated (FUBAR)
20 Crawling (FUBAR)
21 Prejudice Bastards (FUBAR)
22 Infected (FUBAR)
23 Not Even You (FUBAR)
24 Sanity Is A Ghost (FUBAR)
25 No Direction (FUBAR)
26 We Are Running Out Of Ignorance (FUBAR)
27 Complete Silence (FUBAR)
28 Start Digging Graves For The Masses (FUBAR)
29 Gonna Give Sylvester Stalin Drin King Lessons With The Royalities.. (FUBAR)



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