Dogtags And Bodybags

01 Slave To Convenience (Deformed Conscience)
02 Money Or Kicks (Deformed Conscience)
03 Indian Givers (Deformed Conscience)
04 Grip (Deformed Conscience)
05 A General Statement (Blurbs Of Angst)(Deformed Conscience)
06 Reiterate (Deformed Conscience)
07 Apathetic Lazy Bastard (Deformed Conscience)
08 The Cesspool (Deformed Conscience)
09 Another Struggle (Deformed Conscience)
10 Mr. Gloomy (The Gardener)(Deformed Conscience)
11 Blood Stained Cross (Excrement Of War)
12 They Call This Progress (Excrement Of War)
13 A Vision From Hell (Excrement Of War)
14 Toxic Gas (Excrement Of War)
15 Abused, Scared, Rejected (Excrement Of War)
16 Warscarred (Excrement Of War)
17 Brutal Devastation (Excrement Of War)
18 Nu-Killer (Excrement Of War)
19 Dogtags (Excrement Of War)
20 Industrialized (Excrement Of War)

USA x U.K.


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