Pressure-Human Fraud

01 Common Cause (Agathocles)
02 Hell On Wheels (Agathocles)
03 War, Welfare (Agathocles)
04 Small Kids, Big Trend (Agathocles)
05 Pushed Too Far (Agathocles)
06 Pressure (Agathocles)
07 Empty Words (Agathocles)
08 Imagine (Agathocles)
09 Bread And Bloodgames (Agathocles)
10 Living On Trash (Agathocles)
11 Turn A Blind Eye (Agathocles)
12 The Apathy Of The New Generations (Deadmocracy)
13 Self-Taught (Deadmocracy)
14 Only Time Will Tell (Deadmocracy)
15 Just Another Age (Deadmocracy)
16 Dead Revolution (Deadmocracy)
17 Hardcore Is Not Relgion (Shelter Get Out!!!)(Deadmocracy)
18 Pro-Choice (Deadmocracy)
19 Bombas do Passado (Espermogramix cover) Corrupção (Auschwitz cover)(Deadmocracy)
20 The Dragon (Deadmocracy)
21 Why Work (Deadmocracy)
22 Pacifists (Deadmocracy)
23 Peace Among Us (War To Patronage)(Deadmocracy)



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