01 Vaya cuento! (Los Rezios)
02 Un dia mas (Los Rezios)
03 Te queremos ver!!! (Los Rezios)
04 Orden y armas (Los Rezios)
05 Los enganos (Los Rezios)
06 Ten cuidado (Los Rezios)
07 Banda (Beer System)
08 Stupidity (Beer System)
09 Prostorija (Beer System)
10 Skint (Beer System)
11 Pain (Beer System)
12 Dihad (Beer System)
13 Drunk (Beer System)
14 Satan's empire (Beer System)
15 Purchased power (Solitary Neglect)
16 No accountability (Solitary Neglect)
17 Police (Solitary Neglect)
18 Restricting intellectual freedom (Solitary Neglect)
19 A meat based environment (Solitary Neglect)
20 Animal testing (Solitary Neglect)
21 White supremacist (Solitary Neglect)
22 Fleecing of america (Solitary Neglect)
23 The price is wrong (Solitary Neglect)
24 Submint to nothing (Ulcerrhoea)
25 Oikeamieliset persereaist osa2 (Ulcerrhoea)
26 Fuck your ideals (Ulcerrhoea)
27 Chained to a standard (Ulcerrhoea)
28 Mediocrity complex (Ulcerrhoea)
29 Lack of diversity (Ulcerrhoea)
30 Succumb to emptiness (Ulcerrhoea)
31 Untitled (Ulcerrhoea)
32 System collapsed (Ulcerrhoea)
33 In the end (Ulcerrhoea)
34 Rip off the fraud (Ulcerrhoea)
35 F.L.D. (Ulcerrhoea)
36 Liberate yourself (Ulcerrhoea)
37 Burn down the mall (Ulcerrhoea)
38 Convention disaster (Ulcerrhoea)
39 Stagnated (Ulcerrhoea)
40 Rise for downfall (Ulcerrhoea)
41 React at least (Ulcerrhoea)
42 Armed with excrement (Ulcerrhoea)
43 Barren sociality (Ulcerrhoea)




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