01 Intro-Gruesomely Induecd To Regurgitate (Lymphatic Phlegm)
02 Emphysma Cadaverosum (Fermented Cadaveric Dissolution)(Lymphatic Phlegm)
03 Spontaneous And Spasmodic Contraction Of The Muscle Membranous Ligaments Of The Esophagus (Lymphatic Phlegm)
04 Inflamatory Pyoderma Gangrenosum In Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (Lymphatic Phlegm)
05 Excavating The Iliac Fossa (Haemorrhage)(Lymphatic Phlegm)
06 Congenital Malformation Of The Heart Imvolving Pulmonic Stenosis (Lymphatic Phlegm)
07 Acute Segmental Mesenteric Vascular Occlusion (Lymphatic Phlegm)
08 Active Edema Of The Ileum-Caecum Vermiform Appendix (Lymphatic Phlegm)
09 Mephitic Emanation Of Malignant Omphalitis (Lymphatic Phlegm)
10 Chronic Recurrent Exacerbation In Peptic Ulcerative Pancreatitis (Lymphatic Phlegm)
11 Nephrological Problems By Degenerative Lesions Of The Renal Tubules (Lymphatic Phlegm)   
12 Facial Disgust Into Excrements (Autophagia)
13 Visceras Regurgitation... Through Stoma (Autophagia)
14 Pathological Homoamputation (Autophagia)
15 Purulent Pollution Of Eczema (Autophagia)
16 Hospital Necrobiosis (Autophagia)
17 Horrible Excruciation Of The Neck (Autophagia)
18 Coprophagical Dysenteria (Autophagia)
19 Syphilis (Autophagia)
20 Cancerous Tumour Metastasis (Autophagia)
21 An Orgy Of Flying Limbs And Gore (General Surgery)(Autophagia)
22 An Alive Human Chyme (Feculent Goretomb)
23 Traumatic Rupture Of The Diaphragm-Acute Staphylococcal Enterocolitis (Feculent Goretomb)
24 Ileal Fistula Opening To The Surface And Lower Intestine (Feculent Goretomb)
25 Pathological Metal (Feculent Goretomb)
26 Serious Complication In Maxilary Tuberocity Reduction (Feculent Goretomb)
27 Fatal Primary Tuberculosis In The Infancy (Feculent Goretomb)
28 Hyperplasia Of Pulmonary Smooth Muscles (Feculent Goretomb)
29 Conective Tissues Reactions In Malignant Desease (Feculent Goretomb)
30 A Heap Of Anatomical Remains (Feculent Goretomb)
31 Necrophagous Crisis Cesced By Gastro-Anatomical Frustrations (Feculent Goretomb)
32 Influence Of Chemical Substances In Secretion From The Colon (Feculent Goretomb)
33 Hyperparathyroidism Showing The Opacities Of Calculum Deposited In Medulary (Feculent Goretomb)   
34 Righteous Assholes (Ulcerrhoea)
35 Human Mass Product (Ulcerrhoea)
36 Amputated (Ulcerrhoea)
37 Cicle Of Lunacy (Ulcerrhoea)
38 Squeezed Cephalous (Ulcerrhoea)
39 Too Dumb To Shoot (Ulcerrhoea)
40 Suspicious Respect (Ulcerrhoea)
41 Grinding Commercial Bastard (Ulcerrhoea)
42 An Accidental Avulsion (Ulcerrhoea)
43 ...And Another System Failed (Ulcerrhoea)
44 Social Casualities (Ulcerrhoea)
45 Concrete World (Ulcerrhoea)



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